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One small disappointment for Devil May Cry 5 is that the game did not have the series staple Bloody Palace mode, in which the player character is pitted against floors of enemies and bosses until they reach the end. Some of the close-ups leave you understanding the detail that really does go into making a character model in modern gaming, from Dante's facial hair, Nero's sparkling teeth, right to the pores in V's face, it was quite obvious that there was love crafting each model, even to the disgusting and slimy exoskeletons of each demonic enemy.

Determined modernists would point out that DMC5 is a linear game and it's also not the longest - although the quest to earn those SSS ratings, the ability to replay individual missions and the addition of a super-hard difficulty mode after your first play-through add vast amounts of replayability.

Full to the brim with references to past events and fully developed characters, an unfortunate by-product of which being that the game fails to reach the high bar of character development that its predecessors set for it. It will also surely be confusing for anyone jumping in at this point.

Devil May Cry 5 is a magnificently over-the-top action game that serves as a good reminder of just how important showing off is. The events of Devil May Cry 5 take place 5 years after Devil May Cry 4. Nero has setup his own demon hunting agency and is called, you guessed it, Devil May Cry.

In 2013, Capcom partnered with Ninja Theory to reboot its hack and slash action franchise Devil May Cry with the polarizing DmC. Pre-order the game and get a bunch of red orbs. Some of the autoplayed page jingles—all of them specifically, hilariously designed for the game—get stuck in your head regardless of how much they sound filtered through game a tin can.

The Devil Breakers add a nice variation to the combat and learning what Breaker to use in each situation takes time and practice. Series favourites like Trish and Lady make their stylish return, though once again they take a back seat for most of the story, as the focus remains on the three playable characters Dante, Nero, and V.

All three characters are playable and must battle demons while searching for the roots of a demon tree that is allowing hordes of hellish creatures to enter the human world. Some characters like date and V don't use devil breakers but use devil triggers. We've spent a lot of time fighting through hordes of Demons in the latest DMC title, and fans should be very excited about what's on offer.

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